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Alton Castle was built circa 1175 with evidence of 13th-14th century alterations. The castle was garrisoned and dismantled during the Civil War. The remains of the curtain wall can be traced for almost its full length on the south side of the bailey where it forms, in the main, a revetment to the north rock face of the moat. At the eastern end of the curtain wall is the remains of a 13th century gatehouse. 25m to the west are the remains of a circular wall-tower, the footings of its circular plinth being visible in the floor of the moat. Two fragments of the tower survive where it joined the curtain wall, one containing part of a stairway. West of the tower the curtain wall was probably reconstructed in the 14th century. At the western end of the bailey are the remains of a 14th century gatehouse which probably superseded that already described, and the bases of two apsidal-ended towers are visible flanking a small gateway. The ruined building remains of the curtain wall and moat earthworks are also visible on air photographs and were mapped as part of the Staffordshire National Mapping Programme Project. The features are extant on the latest 2013 vertical photography. Scheduled.

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