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The buried and earthwork remains of the slight univallate hillfort at Castlebank Plantation. A bank and outer ditch encloses a roughly oval area orientated south east to north west and measuring 170 metres long and 140 metres wide. The earthworks are best preserved on the north, east, south and parts of the west side, where the bank varies between 1 metre and 2 metres high and up to 8 metres wide, and the ditch is 1 metre to 2 metres wide and up to 4 metres deep. There are indications of a further ditch to the north east and south east, which suggests that the hillfort may originally have been bivallate with two rings of defences. In the north west corner of the hillfort a deep clay pit, now containing a pond, has removed the traces of the banks and ditch, and an access drive cuts the earthworks on the south western angle. Scheduled.

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