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A prehistoric hut circle settlement with associated walling located in the inter-tidal zone on Pendrathen, a broad bay on the north west coast of St Mary's in the Isles of Scilly. The settlement contains at least two hut circles situated 1.7 metres apart, forming stone-built structures. Each has a sub-circular wall of heaped rubble and small boulders, 1-1.5 metres wide and 0.5 metres high, defining a rounded internal area. The south west hut circle measures 2.5 metres north east-south west by 1.9 metres north west-south east internally. The north east hut circle measures 3.9 metres in internal diameter. A row of edge-set slabs, to 0.5 metres high, forms a wall 2.75 metres long linking the east edge of the south west hut circle to the south of the north east hut circle. Further exposure of similar walling are visible on the middle shore 12 metres and 25 metres north east of the settlement's north eastern hut circle. Scheduled.

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