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A mid 19th century lighthouse-builders' operational base on the island of Rosevear in the Western Rocks of the Isles of Scilly. The base served the builders of the Bishop Rock Lighthouse during its initial and abortive construction attempt from 1847-1850 and during its successful construction from 1851-1858. At least four main elements survive. Two buildings, a workers lodging and mess building and a workshop building, are grouped in the north west of the overall structural complex, a smithing hearth is located between them; the fouth element, a slab-built platform, is situated to their east by the island's east coast. Traces of a third building are also visible further south on the east coast. The operational base was established on Rosevear following the decision by Trinity House in April 1847 to erect a lighthouse on Bishop Rock, 3.2 kilometres west-north-west of Rosevear. Rosevear was chosen for the base as it is the nearest island with any substantial area of flattish dry land; the Bishop Rock is a short distance by boat and clearly visible from the island, enabling work to proceed whenever conditions were seen to be suitable. Scheduled.

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