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Franciscan friary founded in 1240 and dissolved in 1538. It was sited north-east of St Hilda's Church and had a chapel, cemetery, and well. Excavations have located the church and part of the cemetery. The church had a narrow quire of 8 bays. The nave and North aisle were of equal prorportions, and over twice as wide as the quire. They took up 4 bays of a 6-bayed building, separated from the East end by a screen. Between this and the quire was a walking space, and probable central tower, occupying the Eastern 2 bays. An altar and pulpit occupied the East end of the North aisle. This final building phase overlay a smaller masonry church, which either succeeded a timber church, or was contemporary with a temporary timber building occupied during the construction of the first masonry church. No claustral buildings were excavated, but these would have lain to the South of the church.

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