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The remains of a moated manorial site, probably a fortified house. All that remains is the moat, partly water filled with an outer bank, which encloses a rectangular central area where the house would have been. The site covers an area 130m by 110m. The moat survives to a depth of between three and four metres in places and on the north-east side it is 10 metres wide. There is an external bank outside the south-west part of the moat which is 75 metres in length, nine metres wide and 0.5 metres high. No surface remains have survived of the tree covered interior area however some pottery has been found.
The manor of Beaumy's was held by the Despenser family from the first half of the 13th century. In 1338-1339 Nicholas de la Beche was granted a licence to crenellate the house and the manor was eventually dismantled in 1420.

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