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Late Bronze Age, Iron Age and Roman features excavated in 1976-7 in advance of destruction by commercial gravel extraction. The Late Bronze Age settlement site comprised 49 pits and around 60 post holes, although it proved difficult to isolate any clear structures from the general pattern of features. A clay lined feature. perhaps a pond, was also identified. Finds included pottery, flints (including a scraper), clay mould and crucible fragments, quern fragments. A field system of probable mid-Iron Age date was followed by evidence of Late Iron Age settlement including a rectangular enclosure, linear features and pits. Finds included pottery, animal remains, quern fragments and much burnt material. A Roman bath house of late 3rd to 4th century AD date stood within its own enclosure and clearly overlay the earlier field system. The bath house was presumably associated with a nearby villa or other settlement. Roman finds included pottery, tiles, coins, and a bronze bracelet.

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