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The site of a Roman courtyard villa and bath-house. Foundations of the bath block to a Roman building were uncovered in 1889-91 during trenching for the building of two houses. Finds included coloured stucco and coins ranging from Trajan to Valentinian II. In 1924-5 further works cleared out the previously excavated part and opened up the rest of the block. The plan of the bath buildings was once more recovered in 1958. Though two or possibly three structural periods were clear, dating evidence had been destroyed. The bath block stood at the west end of a long narrow building on the south side of a courtyard, on the west side of which was the house, and on the north side possibly another building. At the house, a sequence of seven periods was made out from Flavian-Trajanic to the late 4th or early 5th century. The site is now built over.

A complete antefix roof tile from the 1924/5 bath-house excavation is in the Royal Albert Memorial Museum, Exeter.

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