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The Augustinian Friary, founded before 1300 and dissolved in 1538, stood on a site the exact area of which cannot be precisely determined, but is described in 1543 as being "next to the said city" of Winchester. This evidence coupled with the fact that Edington's Register contains a renunication by the Austin Friars of the house in Winchester given them by Sir Oliver de Bohun seems to imply that the VCH (a) is wrong in suggesting that these Friars moved from without Southgate to within the city. However, in 1342, Pope Clement VI instructed the Bishop of Winchester to allow the friars to move from their premises to a site they had procured within the city wall in 1341. The Pope sanctioned the move in 1346 because his instructions had not been carried out. The site was enlarged in 1328 by taking in Seventwychen Lane, an approach off Kingsgate, and includes a house now known as The Friary.

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