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Ogle Castle moated site situated on the left bank of the Ogle Burn. At the eastern end of the north row of the deserted medieval village of Ogle (NZ 17 NW 4) are the remains of a large enclosure bounded by an earthen bank standing to a height of 1 metre. Within the enclosure are the partially infilled remains of a double moated site. Part of the inner moat on the northern side and all of its western arm survive well where they are on average 2 metres deep. At the north west corner the inner moat stands up to 4 metres deep. Part of the southern arm of the outer moat also survives as a slight earthwork 0.4 metres deep. The remainder of the two moats have become infilled but the course of the outer moat can be traced on the north and south sides as a slight depression in pasture. The eastern arm of the moat is no longer visible and has been infilled and partially built over. The island of the moated site contains the remains of a stone and rubble medieval structure which was remodelled during the 16th century and restored in the mid 20th century. The original medieval buildings are thought to have included a tower with an attached manor house as licence to crenellate was granted in 1341 and a document of 1415 lists the existence of a 'castrum' at Ogle.

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