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Tironian Priory of St Andrew founded between 1109-1128, and dissolved in 1391. The church still exists, the chancel having been for the use of the monks and the nave for the parishioners. The latter and the west tower are of 12th century date; the chancel of 13th century having probably been rebuilt circa 1250 around an older and narrower chancel. South chapel of 1800 and North vestry of 1911. In addition to evidence of late Roman occupation under and near the church, excavations in 1975 gave indications of the size and form of the priory buildings, suggesting that there was a simple but conventional claustral range south of the church. The west range was added to the pre-existing nave; there is no positive evidence for an east range. Vestigial traces of three walls of the nave, which may relate to the South wing of the priory cloisters, were excavated in 1991.

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