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Site of an Iron Age enclosure and a Romano-British corridor villa. Several pits were discovered in 1950 during work associated with a new reservoir, associated finds including Iron Age and Romano-British pottery, plus Roman nails, tiles, charcoal and bones. Air photographs suggested the presence of an enclosure, which excavation in 1969 (in advance of a gas pipe trench) showed to be Iron Age. Associated features included pits and ditches containing more pottery plus Roman coins. Subsequent work showed the enclosure to be circa 6 acres in extent, and uncovered further pits, one containing an oval grave featuring the skeleton of a young adult male. Resistivity survey suggested the presence of a corridor villa, the location of which corresponed with surface finds of Roman pottery, a coin and Chilmark stone slabs. Excavation confirmed the presence of the villa, and identified three 3rd-4th century phases. Finds included painted wall plaster, pottery, coins and a brooch. Two graves were also examined.

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