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A probable Iron Age or possible Medieval linear earthwork ranch boundary ditch survives as earthworks on Barbury Hill visible on aerial photographs. The ditch extends just to the east of Barbury Castle hillfort (see NMR SU 17 NW 8). It starts near the Ridgeway trackway (see NMR Linear 60) and rises 160m towards the top of Barbury Hill. It then descends for just over 500m towards Barbury Castle Farm where it joins into the field system of the Iron Age / Roman / Medieval deserted village (see NMR SU 17 NE 6). The ditch is mainly 2-3m wide but up to 5m wide in places. On the eastern side of the ditch that rises up from the Ridgeway there is a bank measuring 40m long which appears to have been adapted for use as a possible pillow mound. A probable section of the ditch at the top of the ridge has been obscured by the planting of trees. The ditch is morphologically similar to a number of ranch boundary ditches identified on the North Marlborough Downs and may have been a territorial marker for large scale sheep ranch farming in the Iron Age.

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