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A small Neolithic / Bronze Age hengiform enclosure, located within Fargo Plantation and one of the circular monuments known as the Cursus Barrow Group (Monument Number 219681). An irregular hollow, circa 8.5m in diameter, is recognisable at the approximate location of Stone's 1938 excavation, which found a ring ditch surrounding a levelled sub-circular area circa 6 metres by 4 metres which featured entrances or causeways at the northern and southern ends. There may originally have been an external bank. The enclosed central area contained a roughly central sub-rectangular grave pit containing an incomplete inhumation, although it is unclear whether or not the full skeleton was ever present. The inhumation seems to have been accompanied by a Beaker. Two further cremations in shallow holes dug into the floor of the pit, one possibly accompanied by a Food Vessel, seem to have been broadly contemporary. A third cremation had been inserted into the backfilled grave at a later date. A sherd of Peterborough Ware, a fragment of bluestone, and some antlers were recovered from the ditch. The earthworks were observed by English Heritage in November 2010 during a rapid field investigation (Level 1 survey) of Fargo South as part of the Stonehenge WHS Landscape Project.

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