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A univallate hillfort enclosing 6.4 hectares at the west end of a broad spur. There are two original, opposed entrances on the west and east. The latter is flanked by a simple outwork, while the former is a simple gap between the rampart terminals. Within the enclosed area is another, partially concentric, ditched enclosure. Irregular in form, and subject to recent quarrying, it also features two opposed entrances on the same alignment as those of the hillfort. Excavations in 1924 by the Cunningtons recovered Iron Age sherds, although the inner ditch produced Grooved Ware and Beaker sherds, seeming to support more recent interpretations that notwhithstanding the absence of a bank, it may represent a henge. A Late Bronze Age sword was found during ploughing in 1704, and is now in the Ashmolean Museum.

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