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Iron Age univallate hillfort. A survey by RCHME field staff in 1991 found the defences to comprise a single bank with external ditch, enclosing an area of about two hectares. A single entrance was identified on the northwest side which comprised a simple gap of about 10 metres. Within the interior of the hillfort were the remains of an internal quarry scoop. All other features had been eroded by ploughing except for a slight scarp which extended across the site marking the boundary between Bodenham in Odstock parish and Charlton in Downton Parish. Outside the fort, on the south and west sides, a more extensive agricultural landscape had been preserved. Its major element comprises a steep scarp about two metres in height which ran approximately parallel to the defences. A second slighter break of slope marked the rear of this positive lynchet. This was the best preserved of three such lynchets which were aligned along the contours of the hillside. Faint traces of the banks dividing these early fields were also identified.

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