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A later Neolithic round barrow located immediately south east of Wor Barrow (SU 01 NW 14). The site was briefly examined by Colt Hoare in the early 19th century and more thoroughly examined by Pitt Rivers in 1894. Prior to the latter's excavtion, the mound appears to have been circa 0.90 metres high, and was surrounded by a ditch 13 metres in diameter, and featuring a causeway on the western side, broadly facing the causeway at the southeastern end of Wor Barrow. Pitt Rivers states that fragments of a skeleton were found at the centre of the barrow lying on a heap of flint nodules. He also refers to a crouched skeleton being found 8.5 feet west of the centre and 1 foot beneath the surface (of the mound, presumably). This was accompanied by a jet slider. Sherds of Mortlake ware were found at the bottom of the ditch and below the mound, while Beaker sherds and Collared Urn sherds were also found. Hoare's excavations were less successful. He cited disturbance to both this and the other nearby round barrow SU 01 NW 13 by a boundary ditch as a reason for the poverty of finds, but he did note fragments of human bones intermixed with soil.

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