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The remains of a round cairn cemetery of Bronze Age date are visible on Carleigh Moor. Seven of the round cairns lie immediately north east of the nearby hillfort (NZ 09 NE 2) on sloping ground. These cairns measure 7 metres to 8 metres in diameter and stand between 0.3 metres and 1 metre high. Two of the cairns have the remains of a retaining circle. Two of the other cairns were excavated during the 19th century; a cist and its cover slab lie at the centre of one of the cairns and the second is visible as a scatter of stones with a second cist at its centre. The cemetery extends onto the lower lying ground east of the hillfort where four round cairns are visible. Three of these form a compact group known as the 'Warrior Graves'. The three cairns are between 5 metres and 6 metres in diameter and range from 0.4 metres to 1 metre high. The fourth cairn lies 120 metres south east of this group and is 5 metres in diameter and 0.3 metres high. Scheduled.

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