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A large Iron Age multivallate hillfort located on a promontory of Colerne Down. The enclosed area is sub-triangular with a slightly rounded hilltop of 9.2ha surrounded by a ditch 4 metres wide amd up to 1 metre deep, and an outer bank up to 1.5 metres high on the east and north western sides and up to 2 metres high on the south western side, across the neck of the promontory. On the south western side, where there are no natural defences, there is a further ditch 4 metres wide and 1 metre deep and an outer bank up to 2 metres high and 3 metres wide. At the north eastern corner the inner bank turns inwards to form a funnel shaped entrance. Another entrance about a quarter of the way along the north western side also consists of inward turning ramparts forming a funnel shaped entrance. A small enclosure within the camp is visible on aerial photographs. Flint artefacts including scrapers, cores and flakes have been found within the camp as well as fragments of querns and a sarsen artefact. Scheduled.

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