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Site of a Roman villa at Truckle Hill, excavated in 1859-60 following the discovery of exposed walling after ploughing. A stone coffin had been discovered previously in the field in circa 1800, and as a result the field was known as Coffin Field. The villa apparently comprised a rectangular building with some 16 rooms, with a bath suite at the west end. To the south of this suite was a hexagonal building enclosing a well-shaft which contained human remains, building debris and coins. Further buildings forming a courtyard were also found. To the west of this group of buildings was an inhumation cemetery featuring a number of masonry tombs. Finds included ornaments, coins, brooches and pottery. many finds are in Devizes Museum, while some of the masonry and coffins were remived to the grounds of Castle Combe Manor House. An onyx cameo found at the site in 1972 is in the Ashmolean Museum. The site is under the plough and finds continue to be made on the surface. Excavations undergoing in 2010.

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