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The site of Roman milecastle 17, part of the defences on Hadrian's Wall at Welton. The milecastle survives as a very reduced platform, with a scarp to the east only; the height is uncertain as the scarp merges with the natural slope in a continous sweep. Previous work by Hepple was reported by Birley et al in 1932. Hepple's investigations were restricted to the northern part of the milecastle, which lies beneath the Military Road. Up to three courses of the north wall and north gate survived up to 0.8 metres high. The gate was of Type I. The milecastle was a short-axis type, measuring 17.68 metres east-west, by 14.93 metres north-south internally. The north wall was 3.30 metres wide, and the side walls were 2.41 metres thick. The milecastle was subsequently investigated as part of the Milecastles Project in 1999. Two trenches were excavated on the platform which showed that it was deeply buried in colluvium. There was some evidence for activity outside the walls with the presence of a gully and pit, probably Roman in date. Deposits within the milecastle were mostly post-Roman in date, and included the remains of a post-medieval probable barn.

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