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A slight univallate hillfort at Fox Covert situated at the west end of a steep sided spur. The earthworks enclose approximately 3.25 hectares and are for the most part determined by the natural contours, except at the east end where they cut across the spur. The approach at the east end is almost level and the defences here include a substantial outer ditch 7.5 metres wide, that was recorded as being 1.8 metres deep in 1875, but has since been largely backfilled with modern building material. Behind the ditch is a slight bank about 0.3 metres high which has been much reduced by ploughing. There are two gaps in the defences on this side, one of which may represent an original entrance. The remainder of the defences run along or just below the edge of the spur. On the north and west sides these consist of a scarp, a ditch and a low counterscarp bank. These terminate on the west side at a point of later quarrying and survives best on the north side where the ditch is approximately 3 metres wide. The counterscarp bank is up to 3 metres wide and 1 metre high in places, although elsewhere it is only 0.3 metres high. The south and south west sides are formed by simple scarping. This is clearly in evidence on the south side but is less pronounced on the south west side. Scheduled.

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