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Sea Mills is the location of the ferry crossing, trading centre and small Roman town of Abonae. Excavations revealed some evidence of Iron Age occupation, as well as 1st century timber buildings and a later street pattern with narrow plots and stone foundation buildings extant by the late 2nd century. It is thought that occupation continued into the latter half of the 2nd century but as Sea Mills was exposed to attack the settlement probably did not continue much into the 5th century.

Among the settlement evidence is a cremation cemetery dating to the later 1st century, over 100 Roman coins and the presence of military equipment. Although originally it was thought there could have been an early Roman fort at the site, there is little evidence for this and the presence of the military equipment has been reinterpreted as evidence of stores. Spanish amphorae shows extensive trading and it is therefore feasible that stores of military equipment were kept for shipping to other areas.

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