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A rock shelter extending about 12 feet back into the cliff face. Excavations circa 1955-6 recovered the bones of at least nine individuals which have been regarded as being of Romano-British date because of their apparent association with Romano-British potsherds. However, Branigan and Dearne argue that there is no evidence to support this dating, and suggest that the Bronze Age is more appropriate. They make no mention of the pottery. Two chert blades have been described as Upper Palaeolithic, having been found in a "typical Pleistocene red earth deposit". However, a later date may be equally plausible. The cave's name relates to the discovery of a later Bronze Age gold bracelet in December 1955. The precise circumstances of its discovery are uncertain. An Inquest Jury decided that the bracelet was not treasure trove, and the bracelet was subsequently retained by the then landowner, the late Wing Commander GW Hodgkinson. A replica is at Wookey Hole Museum. Presumably it is this bracelet which suggested to Branigan and Dearne a Bronze Age date for the human remains?

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