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Linear and curvilinear ditches and banks of uncertain date, visible as standing earthworks, were mapped from aerial photographs taken in 1946, 1950 and 1974. Located at the southwest end of Castle Hill overlooking Clevedon, the feature consists of at least nine short lengths of linear and curvilinear earthwork banks and ditches, aligned in a roughly WNW-ESE or north-south alignment and are probably the field boundaries/lynchets from a field system. Two sides of a possible ditch and banked enclosure may also be part of field system boundaries. A large subcircular ditch, about 17 metres by 29 metres, is probably a former stone extraction quarry. The orientation of these earthworks correspond with the alignment of the earthwork remains of an Iron Age/Romano-British field system (ST 47 SW21) only metres away in adjacent West Wood, which suggests that they are likely to be a continuation of that field system. However, the earthworks may also be connected with the construction of Walton Castle in the 17th century (ST 47 SW 10), particularly the stone quarry. The construction of both the castle, as well as the 1899 dated Clevedon Golf Club course, with the creation of fairways, numerous sand bunkers and `greens' on the site, has made interpretation problematic. Some of the earthworks were still visible in aerial photographs taken in 1986 and 1989, although the dense growth of scrub vegetation has obscured many of the features.

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