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A scheduled banjo enclosure possibly dating to the Late Iron Age, visible as earthwork banks and ditch, was mapped from aerial photographs taken in 1930 and 1946. Located on Walton Down, northeast of Walton-in-Gordano village and centred at ST 4289 7377, the feature comprises a subcircular earthwork enclosure, with outer ditch and inner earthwork bank, measuring about 88 metres NNW-SSE and 100 metres WSW-ENE. The bank is between 2 and 3 metres wide and the ditch between 1 and 2 metres wide. The central enclosure encompasses an area of about 70 square metres. On its ENE side, two parallel curvilinear banks, each about 2 metres wide and between 8.5 to 9 metres apart, extend 150 metres WSW-northeast. The end of this avenue is intersected at right angles by a linear earthwork bank, about 3 metres wide, 81 metres long, aligned northeast-southwest, which turns slightly northeast at each end and with a 4 metres wide gap in the middle. About 70 metres southeast of the central enclosure of the banjo enclosure is the remains of a rhomboidal earthwork bank and ditch enclosure, centred at ST 4295 7373. The longest of the three linear ditches is about 46 metres, aligned northwest-southeast and with an earthwork bank on the inside of the enclosure; from which two parallel ditches about 20 and 30 metres long extend WSW-ENE. Aerial photographs taken in 1989 show that, although fragments are still visible, much of these features have been significantly covered by the encroachment of scrub vegetation and woodland.

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