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A Roman site, subsequently identified as a mid 1st century fort, located at Waddon Hill, Dorset. The earliest recorded finds were made by Boswell Stone in 1893 and consisted of coins, brooches and a quantity of military equipment, buckles, plume holders and a scabbard guard etc which have been restored and are exhibited at Bridport Museum.

The site was excavated by Graham Webster from 1959-62. A substantial part of the fort has been destroyed by stone quarrying but the excavations showed that it was about 270 ft wide and at least 400 ft long.

In the central area various timber buildings were found; these were identified as the principia, praetorium and possibly the valetudinarium. Although some native pottery was found there was insufficient evidence to suggest an IA occupation on the hilltop.

Later excavations up to 1969, revealed more timber buildings which could be barrack blocks.

The fort at Waddon Hill apparently had a mixed garrison of legionaries and auxiliary cavalry, although as a large part of the site has been destroyed by quarrying, the details can never be clear. It continued in use until after AD 60.

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