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A Medieval and/or Post Medieval moat is situated by the present village of Shearston. A chapel is recorded at "Sheerston" as a chantry chapel of Buckland Priory which was gifted, circa 1167, by William de Erleigh, the founder of the priory. Placename evidence, the moat is situated on the site of "Chapel Hill", suggests that it could be the site of the chapel. No interior structures could be seen, on the ground or on aerial photographs, within the area enclosed by the moat but timber structures, possibly a bridge, were found on the north side when it was drained in 1829. The moat encloses an elongated "D" shape, measuring 90m by 60m, with a broad ditch and a slight internal bank. A pit is situated at it south east corner and two ditched boundaries appear to extend north from its north side. A bank cuts across these. It is possible that the moat is a homestead moat.

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