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A possible Iron Age hill-slope enclosure known as Plainsfield Camp, lies on a north-east facing spur of land, at about 235m above OD. The enclosure sits within Park Plantation, an area of Forestry Commission managed woodland which forms part of the Quantock Forest. The enclosure is sub-rectangular in shape, enclosing an area of about 1.2 hectares, and comprises a rampart and external ditch, the latter now intermittent, with a maximum over all width of 14m. The rampart is comprised of stone and earth, 7-10m in width, and stands to a maximum of 3m on the down slope side. There are 3 breaches in the circuit, 2 on the north-eastern side and one in the southern corner. The break in the northern corner appears to be contemporary and is possibly the original entrance. The breach at the centre of the south-eastern side has previously been recorded as the original entrance but close examination would suggest that it is possibly later in date. The interior has recently been cleared of trees and several features including a pillow mound (ST 13 NE 66), 2 small pits and several slit trentches dating from the Second World War. The enclosure has been recorded on aerial photographs.

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