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Earthwork remains of an unfinished univallate Hillfort, circular in plan, covering an area of approximately 3.5 hectares. The enclosure is defined by defences comprising a bank and outer ditch. The northern defences are less advanced than elsewhere, comprising a bank with a narrow break in its length, flanked by a series of shallow quarry ditches. The eastern defences are defined by a bank, berm and shallow outer ditch with an overall width of 22 metres. An inturned entrance is also present. The southern defences are thought to be complete and comprise a bank up to 6 metres in height with an outer ditch up to 4.5 metres wide. There are also traces of an outer bank. A possible entrance has also been recorded. Surface finds recovered include a polished stone axe, cores, leaf-shaped arrowheads and flint implements. The earthworks are clearly visible on aerial photographs of the 1940s onwards.

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