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The site of Milecastle 35 on Hadrian's Wall. It is located on the east facing slope of Sewingshields Crags and survives as consolidated masonry remains. It has a long axis and a type IV south gate, but no north gate. The milecastle measures 18.3 metres north-south by 15.2 metres wide internally and its walls are up to 3.2 metres wide. It was excavated in 1947 and again between 1978 and 1982. This revealed several phases of building on the site. The first phase of occupation consisted of a small building 4.25 metres by 7.45 metres with stone footings. The second phase, probably dating to the late second or early third century, consisted of a new and slightly larger building on the east side and a building on the west side, which occupied most of the space available. The site then fell into disrepair before further new buildings were erected (Phase III). These were crudely constructed, relying mainly on roughly hewn whinstone and possibly a turf or timber superstructure. Industrial activity was demonstrated by bronze and iron residues, hearths and crucibles. Following this phase a dump of earth was place over the previous metal-working areas. Flimsy remains of stone footings placed on top of this earth may represent the final Roman phase of the site (Phase IV). The site was reoccupied in the Medieval period. Pottery and small finds dated from the 13th century to the 16th century. The stone footings of two substantial buildings of the longhouse type were found in association with stone stackstands and cobbled yards.

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