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MONUMENT NO. 1596496


An object made from wood and metal, found in material dredged by Britannia Aggregates Ltd from Licence Area 498. The discovery was reported via the Marine Aggregate Industry Protocol for Archaeological Discoveries.

The object has been interpreted as a possible mast spar or seacock. It measures approximately 21cm wide and 21cm long. The wooden part of the object is eroded, and would have originally been larger. The object has a circular metal ring fitted at either end. The metal ring measures 9cm in diameter, and has an internal circular diameter of 5cm. Both metal rings also have two small holes, probably for affixing the metal rings to the larger wooden object.

The object may have been used as the base for a mast, now eroded from a wooden deck. Alternatively the object may be a seacock, a through-hull ship fitting which allows water to flow in or out of a vessel.

This object appears to be an isolated find.

The object was discovered approximately 20.8 nautical miles ESE of Orford Ness, outside English territorial waters.

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