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Built as a brewery circa 1788, the site was converted to a printworks in 1809, and became a sizing works after 1826. Some eight years later, in 1834, Benjamin Bulcock and James Smith purchased the site and by 1837 had erected a seven-storey spinning mill and weaving shed, known as Brewery Mill. The mill is shown on the 1886 Ordnance Survey first edition 1:2500 map, comprising a rectangular block, presumably the seven-storey spinning block, fronting Pendle Road, with the weaving shed to the rear, and a large mill pond to the south-east. The spinning block was destroyed entirely by fire in March 1896, although the weaving shed, containing 500 looms, was saved. The mill was reconstructed as a weaving mill after the fire, and re-equipped with 412 looms. A new 350hp steam engine manufactured by William Roberts & Sons of Nelson was installed in 1902. Textile manufacture art Brewery Mill ended in 1966.

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