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Brampton Grange was built in 1773 as a detached house. The building was converted into a school in 1836 and later returned to use as a house in 1871. It was probably at this time that the porch and Venetian windows were added. In 1940 the Grange was bought for the Air Ministry and became the headquarters for RAF 7 Group and later the Eight Air Force of the United States of America Air Force, reverting back to the RAF in 1946 until 1881. The Grange became a hotel and restaurant in 1983 closing in 2009. The Grange is constructed of brick with stone dressings and a tile roof covering. It is a five bay building or two-storeys constructed around a central staircase. Few original fixtures and fittings remain. The house was assessed for designation in 2012 but failed to meet the required criteria.

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