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MONUMENT NO. 1583034


The site of a Second World War supply or storage depot is visible on historic aerial photographs. The depot is located adjacent to RAF Moreton Valence airfield, enclosing an area about 83,600 square metres. Two single blister hangars were sited within the depot area. Rows of vehicles and other stores are visible in 1944 and it’s possible that these were part of the D-Day build-up, or directly related to supplying the operational needs of RAF Moreton Valence, or a dispersed site for nearby RAF depot, 7 Maintenance Unit (MU) RAF Quedgeley. The military depot does not appear as a dispersed site on the Site Plans for either RAF station. The depot contents are not visible in aerial photographs taken in 1946, though one blister hangar remains until 1947; the roadway is still visible in aerial photographs taken in 2010.

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