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MONUMENT NO. 1580819


The surface features of the Second World War Ridge Quarry ammunition depot west of Chapel Knapp can be seen on aerial photographs taken in 1945. The surface features consisted of numerous buildings including probable accommodation and the site was linked to Eastlays Quarry (EH monument 1580813) by a road along the line of the former tramway. It was also adjacent to Monks Park Quarry and it is not clear form the air photos which depot some of the more dispersed building belong to. The site largely occupied the post medieval Ridge Quarry and work began on preparing the site in 1936 though this quarry had previously been used for explosives storage in 1915 and had remained under the control of the ministry of Munitions until 1922. After ten years under care and maintenance the Ridge Quarry was sold in 1975 and air photos taken in 2009 suggest the site has been largely demolished.

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