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MONUMENT NO. 1580813


The surface features of the Second World War Eastlays Quarry ammunitinon depot, south-west of Chapel Knapp can be seen on aerial photographs taken in 1945. The surface features consisted of numerous buildings including probable accommodation at the northern end. The southern and western side of the site are occupied by large spoil heaps created when the original post medieval Monks Quarry was cleared of waste during the sites conversion in the late 1930s. The spoil heaps to the west had a number of structures built upon them including pillboxes, a possible gun emplacement and a trench. The site was further defended by a pillbox with a wide arc of barbed wire on its eastern side at the north-eastern end of the site. A road was built linking the site to Goodes Hill road and to the north-west along the line of a former tramway to Ridge quarry. The site was mothballed in 1962 and sold in 1972. Air photos taken in 2009 show the site redeveloped and many of the wartime structures demolished, though the tree cover on the spoil heaps may hide some buildings and one building may in part be military in origin. The pillbox to the north east survives as does concrete structures surrounded by an earthwork. This arrangement of concrete and earthwork is reminiscent of some of the shafts seen in a camp further north (EH monument record 1579900) though no shaft is marked on the Ordnance Survey map.

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