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MONUMENT NO. 1579841


The surface remains of a late 19th/early 20th century Brocklease quarry and the Second World War Admiralty ammunition depot can be seen on aerial photographs taken in 1945. This site is situated by Brocklees Farm south of Neston. The quarry remains consisted of the entrance to the slope shaft and a trail shaft further north. This Quarry was leased by the Admiralty in October 1939 as an ammunition store and the remaining features, which included buildings, an access road and three pillboxes were all associated with below ground ammunition storage. Air photos taken in 2009 show the site has been redeveloped and the majority of the wartime structures have been demolished though part of the access road, one building and a circular Emergency Water Supply reservoir (now overgrown) survive. Only the surface feature of the trial shaft survives from the quarry.

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