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MONUMENT NO. 1579797


The surface remains of the 20th century Clubhouse Quarry and the Second World War De LA Rue Repository can be seen on aerial photographs taken in 1945. The quarry features consisted of a slope shaft, two buildings and an air shaft. The quarry buildings were situated in an area south-west of Corsham known as Corsham Side, now part of Neston. This quarry was first depicted by the Ordnance Survey in 1921 and during the Second World War was used by the printing firm De La Rue Ltd for storage of replacement currency for a number of occupied European countries. A camp built to the south-east consisted of accommodation huts and a larger, presumably communal, building. The air shaft is still visible on aerial photographs taken in 2009 but the remainder of the surface remains have been demolished. The quarry site is now occupied by housing and the site of the military camp is now a playing field.

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