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The Quarry Operations Centre Murals by Olga Lehmann are located in the canteen area of a Second World War aircraft factory situated in Spring Quarry, which had been requistioned by the Ministry of Aircraft Production in 1940 for an underground aeroplane engine factory. Olga Lehmann (1912-2001) assisted by Gilbert Wood, was invited in 1943 by Sir Reginald Verdon owner of the factory, to paint murals in the factory canteens. The collection comprises 32 wall murals, painted by brush and spray using oil paint and solvents. The canteen in the west half of Quarry Operations Centre contains 18 murals, the RAF operations rooms and stores at the east end 11 murals, and three are located in the corridors and barracks.

The factory closed in 1945 and in 1954 Spring Quarry was bought by the government. The northeast area was allocated for convertion into a Central Government War Headquarters designed to accommodate 4000 military and government staff, in the event of nuclear conflict during the Cold War. Building work took place between 1957 and 1959 and involved the reconfiguration of some of the rooms in the Quarry Operations Centre which cut through some of the murals. Further alterations were made in 1979 when it became the communications for the RAF following a reduction in size of the Central Government War Headquarters. The Quarry Operations Centre has remained empty since the RAF moved out in the 1990s.

The Quarry Operations Centre Murals are a grade II* Listed Building. For the designation record of this site please see the National Heritage List for England.

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