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Westfield War Memorial Village is a residence located in West Road in the City of Lancaster. The residence was established in 1924 and was designed by an architect unknown at the time of this record’s construction. The residence was established to provide accommodation and care for ex-service men and their families after the First World War.

After the First World War the number of ex-servicemen with disabilities rose sharply and it was realised that something was needed to be done to provide them with accommodation and care. The Westfield Committee obtained charity status for the project in 1919 to provide accommodation for married servicemen, hostels for unmarried men and workshops and amenities. Lancaster decided to commemorate servicemen that had fought in the First World War with this community. Interest in the village was once again renewed after the Second World War.

In 1987 the village was sold to a housing association in order that they would be modernised. As of 2012 the village continues to provide residence to 189 residents and priority is still given to the families of war victims.

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