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The brewery was established by Thomas Baynton in the 1830s as the Somerset Brewery. Baynton died in 1865 and the brewery was acquired by Ashton Gate Brewery Company Limited. The company reinvested in the brewery and included construction of new stables, a tower and chimney, and the installation of a new Wort Copper. The works were carried out by George Bennett of Staple Hill in 1866.

The brewery operated as Hardwick and Company Limited from 1868 but reverted back to Ashton Gate Brewery Company Limited in 1883. Further expansion of the brewery took place during the remainder of the century continuing into the 20th century. This included the installation of a second Copper and construction of a new fermentation block by George Adlams and Sons in 1903. The brewery was bought by Bristol Brewery Georges and Company Limited in 1931 and was closed in 1933.

In 2003 local architect, George Ferguson, bought the premises with the intention of putting the building back to its original purpose. It has housed The Bristol Beer Factory, the micro brewery, since 2005.

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