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MONUMENT NO. 1545609


Kingshill Camp. A Second World War military camp, located between Hoo St Werburgh and the Lodge Hill Royal Naval Armament Depot (Monument 1077634). The camp, just to the south of the crossroads of Ratcliffe Highway and Bells Lane, comprised a cluster of temporary military buildings, including Nissen huts. The buildings were arranged around a rectangular open area, and were supported by earth covered air raid shelters and small gun emplacements. The area around the camp to the west and north may have been used for training and recreation, and has been recorded separately (Monument 1545618). For at least part of its existence, Kingshill Camp was occupied by the 347th Searchlight Battery RA, and the camp may be associated with a searchlight battery site located about 600m to the north east (Monument 1545626). The camp has been mapped from aerial photographs as part of the English Heritage: Hoo Peninsula Landscape Project.

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