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MONUMENT NO. 1543704


Thor missle site at former RAF Caistor. In 1959 RAF Caistor became a satellite Thor missile site under the control of RAF Hemswell. A total of 60 missiles were deployed at 20 sites from 1958 codename 'Project Emily'. At each base an adapted hangar was used to recieve the missles, store the servicing equipment and conduct inspection and maintenance. The launch areas at the main and satellite stations were almost identical. The buildings and emplacements lay in an irregularly shaped compound surrounded by a pair of fences. Inside were crew huts, a squadron office and telephone exchange. Close to the main gate was the launch control area, an area of concrete on which the control trailer, generators and an oil tank were placed. Each emplacement had a theodolite store. At the far end of the emplacement were two L shaped blast walls. Each emplacement is aligned approximately east-west and comprise a central concrete base for the launcher erector and blast walls at the east end. Each emplacement retains its blast wall and at least one of the fuel pits. Some of the shelter rails remain but none of the launch erector or short range theodolite mountings or theodolite sheds survive. Both the south and west emplacements have been curtailed. The three emplacements have a roughly triangular configuration overall. The site was assessed for designation in 2011 but failed to meet the required criteria.

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