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The site of a wood-covered spoil heap located to the south of Rudloe No.2 Hostel site (see record 1539374). Historical mapping shows the site lies in an area of predominantly open farmland, interspersed with areas of woodland. To the south is Round Wood, which is shown on OS maps going back to the 1880s. However, OS maps, of the 1880s and 1920s, show the site in question as an area of undeveloped farmland. Current mapping shows the site as a spoil heap. The spoil heap was created during the Second World War. Air photos indicate that it was not present in 1940 but visible in 1946. It is associated with the work carried to create the nearby Central Ammunition Depot, which involved the removal of two million tons of stone debris. During the 1940s, the site was surrounded by several hostel sites: No. 1 to the east, No. 2 to the north and No. 3 to the west. These were associated with the Corsham quarry and tunnel system (see record 1394896). However, there was no hostel development on the site itself. There are also many old underground quarries in the area, including Sands Quarry just to the east, but the majority of the site does not overlie any of these workings.

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