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A commemorative monument to formerly imprisoned campaigners for women's suffrage, erected in 1970, by Edwin Russell. It is situated in Christchurch gardens, Victoria Road, London, SW1. It takes the form of an upright bronzed glass fibre scroll bearing the badges of those members of the Women's Social and Political Union (WSPU) and the Women's Freedom League who had been imprisoned (many in Holloway Prison) in the course of their campaigning between 1904-1914. There is also a dedicatory inscription to those involved in their cause, noting that it was erected by the Suffragette Fellowship. This latter group was founded in 1926 with the role of commemorating the women's suffrage movement of 1904-1915, especially the militant campaigners. Fittingly the monument had been unveiled by Lillian Lenton, a former militant campaigner who had been on hunger-strike and force-fed whilst imprisoned for acts of arson committed as part of the campaign. On one occasion she became seriously ill as a result of the force feeding, which brought publicity to the suffrage cause. Lenton had also spent time evading recapture.

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