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An airship memorial situated at the south-western side of Hull Western Cemetery. It was erected in 1924 and it was made of Portland stone with bronze plaques. The free-standing stone chest is topped with a stone cross. The chest has two projections on either side to the front on which two bronze plaques are fixed. These plaques list all the names of those men who had died in the disaster. The left lists the 28 British servicemen and the right one the 16 American servicemen who died on the 24th August 1921. The American military had ordered a R38 airship model, which apparently was the biggest one built with 14 gas cells and six Sunbeam engines. It was 700ft long and had a speed of 71mph. After the airship was completed at Cardington it was delivered to Howden in Yorkshire for test flights. On the final test flight at an altitude of 2,500ft and flying 60mph the airship suddenly broke apart and exploded killing 44 out of the 49 men on board. Some of the victims are buried underneath the memorial. The Plaque is now made of slate.

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