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The site of the First World War Home Defence airfield of Leadenham. The airfield was established in 1916 and operational until 1919.

Leadenham was literally a cleared field around 86 acres in size with few or no facilities. It was the base for one of the flights of 38 Squadron. This Squadron was based at Melton Mowbray and flew Home Defence duty operations with BE and FE type aircraft. In May 1918 the squadron moved to Capelle, Dunkirk, however a Flight remained and formed 90 Squadron, based at Buckminster. A Flight of 90 Squadron was based at Leadenham flying night versions of Avro 504s until the squadron was disbanded and the airfield closed in 1919.
The site of RFC Leadenham is now (2010) part of the Greater Lincoln Airfield Trail and is marked by an Airfield Trail panel.

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