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The site of the First World War airfield and aircraft factory and repair site of Bracebridge Heath. The airfield was established in 1916 by the firm Robey and Co Ltd to assemble and carry out flight trials of license-built Longhorn trainers. Bracebridge Heath was also used by the No. 4 Aircraft Acceptance Park (AAP) which formed at West Common Racecourse in Lincoln in 1917. In 1918 the airfield was taken over by the Royal Flying Corps and was used as a military airfield until the end of the war. 120 Squadron was based there for a short time between August and October/November 1918. From 1919 until 1920 it was home to the No. 4 Air Acceptance Park (4 AAP).
During the Second World War the technical site of the earlier airfield was enlarged and was used as a repair works managed by A V Roe and Co Ltd to repair damaged Lancaster bombers for nearby RAF Waddington. Here. The Bracebridge Heath works closed around 1947 and an industrial estate now occupies the site.

Bracebridge Heath consisted of a grass landing field and was equipped during the First World War with a number of Belfast Truss type hangars, General Service Sheds and other technical buildings. In the Second World War other buildings were added including a number of B1 aircraft repair hangars.
The site was initially used by the firm Robey and Co Ltd to assemble aircraft, but it was also used by other local manufacturers including Clayton & Shuttleworth who constructed license-built Sopwith type aircraft.
Many of the old Second World War buildings still survive, including the General Service Sheds and B1 hangars, unfortunately the First World War Belfast Truss hangars were demolished in 2001 (see 1351600 for details).

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