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MONUMENT NO. 1505784


A system of medieval strip fields extends around medieval settlement remains (NMR monument 909923, SS 64 SE 38) to the south of Parracombe village. The fields are defined by curving parallel lynchets and are visible as earthworks on aerial photographs but some have been levelled or virtually levelled. The relict fields were probably part of a number of communal systems of strip fields around the different foci of settlement at Parracombe (see NMR Monument 909919, SS 64 SE 37). The strip fields described in this record extend over an area measuring up to 940m N-S by 730m E-W between Ley's Lane, Holwell Castle, Holwell Wood and (NMR Monument 34709) and seem to stop at the combes just before the land rises steeply to Rowley Down, and a knoll, to the south and south east of Parracombe.

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